Chorus Activities

May 21

  HUT 100 Race Singout,  Action Track,  7 PM

May 23

  Extra Rehearsal,  Harmony Hall,  2 PM 4 PM

June 6,13, 27

  Extra Rehearsal,  Harmony Hall,  2 PM 4 PM

June 19

  Benefit Show for Crime Stoppers,  Harmony Hall,  Time:

June 29

  International Convention Begins, Louisville, KY

July 3

  International Chorus Contest,  Report 8:30 AM

Aug 14

  Buskirk Chumley Theater, Bloomington, IN, Show 7 PM

Sept 18

  St. Mary of the Woods/Underground Railroad Festival

Oct 16

  BOW Fall Show, Tilson Auditorium/ ISU Campus,  7 PM

Key Dates

June 11-13

  Harmony Inc. Area 4 Contest, St. Louis, MO

July 15-18

  Cardinal District Harmony Explosion Camp, Marion, IN

July 16-18

  Cardinal Chord College, Marion, IN  (NIGHTLIFE)

July 24

  Sweet Harmony Show

Aug 1-8

  Harmony College

Aug 19-22

  Buckeye Invitational

Aug 21

  Cardinal District Golf Outing, Timbergate Golf Course,

Oct 1 - 3

  Cardinal District Convention,  Merrillville, IN

Oct 29-31

  Chorus Directors & Chorus Coaching Workshop

Nov 10-14

  Harmony, Inc International Convention,  RochesterNY

Previous Schedules

For Tickets, or Questions about Performances,  contact:

Dick Hughes

Phone: (812) 232-8070