Harmony Hall was originally the Garfield Theater, a neighborhood movie house. In the 70's it was bought by Tudor amusements and turned into a porno theater. After this, it was briefly a 1$ budget movie house. It was closed for about three years before we bought it. The building was not in good condition, and there was no stage that we could use. We spent many hours and much money replacing furnaces, air conditioners, lighting, building a stage, refurbishing seats, painting, etc,. We now have a facility that is in use a minimum of three times a week. It is a serious drain on our resources but we are fortunate to have a facility that meets our needs so well.

General Info
The building is approximately 150' by 50'. It has the heat and air conditioning. It is equipped with stage lighting and a sound system for the show and performances, and an upgrade is in progress. Dressing rooms are available at the back of the stage, but are small. The seating capacity of Harmony Hall is 350.

We have made good use of it during our ownership. We have used it continually for a practice and show facility. We rent it to Sweet Harmony, the local ladies chorus. We have previously, and are currently renting it for use as a church. We rent it annually to the local children's theater for two productions a year. It is available for rent at any time that it is not in use. The board of directors must approve all potential renters.

Need more information?
Please contact us for availability of Harmony Hall.

Dick Hughes
Phone: (812) 232-8070 
Email: rhugh6203@yahoo.com