For  BOW Performances or Harmony Hall Availability: Dick Hughes
Phone: (812) 466-7785 
For Membership Info: Dave Landes
Phone: (812) 466-9724
Our Board of Directors:  

Chapter President

Dick Hughes
VP Music & Performance Denis Conrady
VP Membership & Chapter Dev. Dave Landes
Treasurer Steve Diel
Secretary Bruce Wellum
Executive VP Terry Wence
Board Members at Large Paul Ellison, Don Julian, Bill White
Marketing & PR  
Grants Committee Chair Paul Ellison
Past President Bill Latta
Our Music Team:  
Chorus Director Jeremy Conover
Assistant Director Bob Kendall
Lead Section Leader Bob Kendall
Tenor Section Leader
Bass Section Leader Dick Griffith
Baritone Section Leader Paul Ellison
Webmaster Dave Fouts
Mailing Address: Terre Haute Chapter of SPEBSQSA
  The Banks of the Wabash Chorus
  1257 Lafayette Av., Terre Haute, IN 47804