The origin of the Banks of the Wabash Chorus first organized in 1922 under the sponsorship of Terre Haute Elks Club as "Elks Chanters".  In 1965, we were re-chartered as "The Highlanders". The name, "Banks of the Wabash" was used since 1980. We have a rich and successful history in our chapter. We have been participating in chorus and quartet competitions and various international activities. Below are the accomplishments of our chorus so far. Click on the link below for complete history of the Banks of the Wabash Chorus.

Complete History of BOW

District Champions
1948, 1950, 1951, 1985, 1995, 1996, 2001,2002
District Plateau AAAA Champions
1995, 1996

District Most Improved Chorus

District Chapter of the Year
1984, 1986, 1995

International Convention Appearance
2004 Louisville (June29-July4)
2003 Montreal (June29-July6)
2002 Portland, OR (June30-July7)
1986 Salt Lake City, UT Director: Myke Lucas 15th place
1953 Detroit, MI Director: Carl C. Jones  8th place

International Appearance
1995 Tajimi, Japan
        Terre Haute Chapter visitied our sister city in Japan. We appeared
        several times in various venues and capped off our trip with an
        appearance on the "Small World" Stage at Tokyo Disneyland.
1989 Bournemouth, England for BABS convention
1985 Warmick, England with Bluegrass Student Union.
        Terre Haute Chapter won the District Chorus Championship and the
        invitation of the British Association of Barbershop Singers(BABS), 
        and traveled to Warmick, England and sang at the BABS convention.

Cardinal District Hall of Famers
1999 Kenneth Roman
1996 Con Harrold
1991 Fred Gregory
1991 Carl C. Jones

Bulletin Editor of the Year award

2001 Lynn & Aaron Hughes (CAR, Small Bulletin)
1996 Howard Waltersdorf (CAR, Small Bulletin)
1990 Tasker Witham (CAR, Small Bulletin)
1986 Dick Pierard (CAR, Small Bulletin)
1982 Dick Pierard (International Preliminary)
1982 Dick Pierard (CAR, Small Bulletin)

Cardinal District Presidents from BOW
1994-95 Phil Fisher
1957-58 Ad Howard